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We recognize that this is a very challenging time for many families around the world. We want to help your child develop important areas of their life. 

“Every child deserves a chance!”


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What we Subsidize

Through our programs and partners we subsidize almost all licensed developmental programs. We have the ability to grow our programs with new partnerships, based on families needs and needs of the public.

The developmental areas we cover

We strive to ensure we can help subsidize any licensed program that falls under the following categories.

“Click on the Areas to see an in depth explanation”

Who can apply?

We encourage everyone to apply if you feel you have the need.

All applications are approved by highest priority, device and local funding availability in queue. 

Please see our approval matrix for a more in depth explanation 


First go through the FAQ to clarify any uncertainty.

Then fill out the application to the best of your ability.

Contact us for any further help.

We subsidize up to a Maximum of $500 towards registration and continuing developmental programs for approved families.

We encourage everyone to apply if you feel you have the need.
All applications are approved by highest priority and local funding.

Please see our APPROVAL MATRIX for a more in depth explanation

Separate applications must be filled out for each child.

Total approval amounts may be affected by size of family and funding available.

We are a Non-Profit dedicated to helping underprivileged families. We approve applications based on income, family situation and the child’s needs. We encourage anyone to apply if their children’s education has been affected.
Please see the APPROVAL MATRIX for more detailed information.

There is no fee to apply.

Once you submit your application the system will prompt you to book a phone call appointment with one of our representatives to review you application. 

Note: Due to high application rates if you miss this call you will need to reapply.

What you will need

Please choose the child most likely to use this device (if multiple children in the household). You will need their personal and education information.

Personal parental information and income verification for all parents within the household.

Which program specifically are you looking to apply for subsidy towards.

Please be as detailed as possible on how you believe this will help the development of your child, and which area of development this program is targeting.

Please attach a copy of one or two of the 6 documents. The more information you can give us, the quicker the process will be.


  1. Subsidized housing
  2. Income support (Government)
  3. Government Child Health Benefits
  4. Most Recent Notice of Assessment
  5. Four consecutive pay stubs
  6. Canada Child Benefit Notice -page 1 & 2 most recent tax year

What people are saying

Some exceptions do occur, this is the base outline we use for application approvals
Single family; one child under $31,000Single Family; one child $32,000-

Single Family; one child $50,000+
Single family; 2 Children under $40,000Single family; 2 children $40,000-

Single family; 2 Children $61,000+
Single Family; 3 Children under $50,000Single family; 3 Children $51,000-

Single family; 3 Children $61,000+
Double Family; one child under $40,000Double Family; one child $40,000-
Double Family; one Child $60,000+
Double Family; 2 children under $50,000Double Family; 2 children $50,000-

Double Family; 2 children $70,000+
Double Family; 3 children under $60,000Double Family; 3 children $60,000-

Double Family; 3 children $80,000+

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