Thank You for all that you do

Our Support

The Alberta Children’s Hospital has proven for decades that they make the greatest impact that a community could ask for, to take care of our children. The sacrifices and dedication of the teams involved is nothing short of admirable. On our mission to help all Canadian youth, we have pledged to help the ACH stay healthy and strong in any way we can.

We have pledged to support their mission.


We joined their mission and sponsored multiple events.


We are proud to say we were able to sponsor the Junior golf classic, The Life Cycle Event, and the RBC Race for kids.


Each event we sponsor we try to keep the minimum of $10,000. We plan to help with many more.


The Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation proudly serves as the primary charitable fundraiser for the Alberta Children’s Hospital and Child Health & Wellness Research at the University of Calgary. We also partner with Alberta Health Services and agencies in our community to support child health advancements across our city and province.