Our Partnership

We are incredibly lucky and gracious that we were able to accepted into the Microsoft Philanthropies program. It has been a game changer for our organization. Their ability to supply not only devices at amazing costs, but the back end support, has actually changed the way our entire foundation operates. 

How does it Work Help Support Change

“The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow”

How They Change What We Do


We no longer need to pay for building and office space in each city we support. Once families have been approved, a simple notification is sent to MICROCAD, (the Microsoft supplier) and they are able to issue out the brand new tech package, allowing us to keep a major percentage of our funding away from building leases and overhead.


Our partnership has allowed us to completely stop our "pass it on" shipping charges. Originally we had to charge families a small Canada Post fee, when shipping devices outside our area. But now, it is all taken care of within our pricing agreement, which means no more shipping cost for anyone!


Our overhead has been substantially decreased due to this partnership. Not only do we never need to pay for office spaces across the country, outside our home office, but the actual device cost was able to be dropped to a low percentage of our original costs. Leaving more funding for families.

Cost + Quality

The cost and quality of our devices we give out are now incredibly. Processers with I5 and I7 capability. Tons of RAM. Major brands. When you get approved, you really do get a life changing device. Including a carry case, water bottle, full 1 year warranty and more addons within the package. We also have an amazing referral program to refer more families that could use our programs.

“Grade 4 Canadian students more likely to report using a computer or tablet at home for school than the international average.”

We are proud to be apart of this culture, where we take youth development serious.

Here's what the packages look like delivered directly to your home!