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Why are we doing this?

The global Covid-19 pandemic brought to light many things. Amongst the top of the list, was how difficult it was for millions of families to keep their kids engaged, learning and developing due to lack of access to technology and devices. This is our focus, we know the importance of having access, and being able to utilize technology for development and educational purposes.

It Starts With You With Us Together

“Together We Can Make The Difference.”

While access to a device is one aspect of readiness for online learning, knowledge and experience with using these devices for schoolwork is also important. A student who is comfortable using a computer for schoolwork is more prepared for online learning than one who has limited familiarity. Another international study examined the frequency with which Grade 4 students used technology for educational purposes.

In 2016, 80% of Grade 4 students in Canada reported using a computer or tablet at home for school work at least once a month, 4 percentage points higher than the international average. Within Canada, among the provinces for which data are available, this proportion was highest in Ontario (84%) and British Columbia (80%).

Conversely, in 2016, a lower proportion of Canadian Grade 4 students (20%) reported never or almost never using a computer or a tablet at home for school work, compared with the international average (23%). New Brunswick (34%) and Newfoundland and Labrador (27%) had the highest percentage of Grade 4 students reporting never or almost never using a computer or tablet at home for school work.

Despite more than 80% of Grade 4 students in Canada reporting using a computer or tablet at home for school work at least once a month, there is still a large portion of students with little to no access to this same technology. All of our children deserve to have the same chance at having useful technological resources ready at home.

 Many teachers have started using technology in classrooms to help students learn. Technology helps teachers reach different kinds of learners, reinforce and expand on concepts, and motivate students in new ways. As more teachers embrace technology, new kinds of learning can take place in classrooms, and more students can be reached in ways that they relate with. 

After submitting a free, confidential application, Step Up 4 Kids provides approved families with a laptop worth up to $1,000, warranty and carrying case included. There is absolutely no application cost or any other fees for our families applying.


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