Are you a Philanthropist? Can you help us make a major difference in the lives of local children today? Want to see where the money goes? How we are helping? Become a real sponsor? This package is for you. By choosing this package you receive:

  1. A Specialized and personalized E-Thank you card from the foundation
  2. A customized high quality certificate of sponsor for you wall
  3. Our Coupon package consisting of local businesses. These packages vary based on the current clients inside the package. Value is always over $200+
  4. Specialized public recognition on our online platforms
  5. A Full Year Family pass to our events ($500 Value)
  6. Specialized sponsorship labels shipped with our program to families in need
  7. A Personal thank you from the families you directly impact
  8. Exclusive access to our online database showing who we are working with, the families we are helping and more. Real insight into our programs


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