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Youth Need For Tech

The positive effects on children have many forms. Lets explore why it is so important to ensure development in the tech area is strong for our youth.

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Our Mission

Millions of children in Canada alone do not have adaquate access to technology for educational and developmental purposes. It has been proven that technology is crucial for the development of youth in this day and age. It is detrimental to have no access to technology as our children grow. Help us get tech to all the families that need it most, and ensure they have the brightest future possible.

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Help fund our mission to supply all Canadian Youth with technology for development. Working with our partners at Microsoft Philanthropies and MICROCAD, we have been able to supply thousands of dollars of tech per month to families that need it most.


Create your own fundraiser and encourage your family and friends to donate to help change the lives of Canadian Youth.

Monthly Donor

Make the greatest possible impact for the youth that need it! As a monthly donor, you will provide steady funding for our mission enabling us to grow larger and support more families than ever before.