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How Has Our nominate A Family Program Been Making A Difference

Heres what they say

This program absolutely changed the lives of our family. We almost had to pull the plug on our children’s activities. Our family nominated us and it changed our lives.

The Nominate a family program saved our son from loosing his years in hockey. We came across a this program, was lucky enough to have our family and friends nominate us, and win the online polling. He is now top of the league in scoring. THANK YOU

We hope this nominate a family program goes on for years and years. This program is amazing and we have watched it change other peoples lives!

“I truly believe in the hard work, dedication, and care of this team.”

Equipment support
Registration Support
Travel Support
Improving Ability to Grow

how does the program work?



Winning families will get up to $1000 to spend on registration.


Winning Families Will Get up to $1000 to spend on travel.


winning families will get up to $1000 to spend on new equipment


Families will receive another $2000 to spend the following year if the continue

So how does our Nomination program work?

Members of the board will go through all the public nominations and choose the top 4 families as potential beneficiaries. 

Next the online polling system begins. We have online polls that are created and dispersed to the public. This is to encourage the public to help us choose the winners. 

Once the polling is complete, the board then takes all the data available into consideration to make the final decisions. We will reach out to the families letting them know they have been chosen. Once notified we will then publicize the winners and the runner ups through our website, our subscriber notifications and social media. 

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