May 1 2023

$10,000 Build for Tech: School Challenge

Build a School, win a $10,000 tech package. Submissions will be judged by outside impartial judges, and narrowed down to the final 20 who will play a final challenge together to find our winner(s).

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By Step Up 4 Kids Foundation

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By Hybrid Advertising

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Date & Time

May 1 9:00 Am MST - July 15 11:59 Pm MST



About this Challenge


10 Weeks plus final day

Online Registration


$10,000 Prize Packages

Yes you get to choose your prizes. Each package is worth up to $10,000 and contains a list of prizes you get to choose from. The best part is each package is built with sponsorships into the Country's best schools and classes to help you grow in your favorite area. Choose from dozens of the most prestigious classes and schools in the country in your subject of choice, and match it with a perfect Tech bundle.

Gamer Package

Love video games? This package includes consoles, VR, computers home gaming station’s and more. See more….

Virtual Reality Pack

Are you a VR fan? This package includes VR stations, computers home gaming station’s and more. See more….

Animation Package

Creativity your strong suit? If you love Animation this package is for you. Including top of the line home PCs, design stations, drawing pads, Tablets and everything you need to be an animator. See more…

Engineering and Building Pack

From Aerospace to mechanics, and everything in-between, this is the right pack for you if you love to build and make things work. This package includes Tools, Electronics, Grids, boards, supplies to build airplanes and mechanics, plus a ton more…

Robotics Package

Want to build robots and machines? This package includes all the tech you need to build all types of robotics. See more…

Welcome to the $10,000 Build for Tech Minecraft Challenge. This challenge will run 10 weeks. Build your School in creative mode, upload for the Minecraft world to see, and rank as high as you can through our judging system to win your $10,000 advancement tech prize. Check out the full “Contest Rules” for the full contest rules breakdown.

You build the Challenge, then your submission gets reviewed by the impartial judges. Here’s the challenge:


Build a school

Your job is to build a school. Your build can be in creative mode, on any console or system, but must include the following:

  1. The Step Up 4 Kids Foundation Logo – must be built somewhere in your school, be creative on how and where
  2. The sponsors Logo – Hybrid Advertising’s logo must be built somewhere in your school, be creative on how and where
  3. An Office
  4. A Gymnasium
  5. A Minimum of 3 classrooms
  6. Restrooms
  7. A Parking Lot
  8. Playground

Judging Criteria

This is how your world will be judged:


1 is worst creativity
100 is best creativity


1 is not accurate to the real world.
100 is very accurate to the real world.


1 is no Redstone usage
100 is 1 is the most creative Redstone usage


Judges score. The submission into this challenge will be narrowed down to a top 20. This top 20 will play the final challenge on a specific day, announced near the final submission day of this challenge, for the prize(s). This will be live streamed from our platform and cast on our website and Facebook page.

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School Challenge 2023 participant ticket.

1 Per Person

$50 Entry Fee

Enter until Final Day

“Submission’s are per person and must be between the ages of 6 and 21. All entrants under 18 must have parental consent by having the parent guardian waiver signed. All entrants and parent/guardian must be able to show Valid Government Issued ID that matches their account to receive any prizes.”


This is the current list of who’s moving on to the finals

This will show top 20

My School in my house.
McSchool 2
Video number what ever
Jesse Video 2