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How does Step Up 4 Kidz Help

This question has a few answers.

  1. Step Up allows the public to apply for subsidy for registration and equipment to any extracurricular activity for children under 18. If approved Step Up helps with hundreds of dollars towards registration, and equipment. See here for details.
  2. The “Nominate a Family” Program allows the public to nominate families they know or their own family. Our board goes through the nominations and chooses families that really need support to give our major sponsorship packages to. See here for details.
  3. Sponsorship. Step Up is dedicated to finding teams whether its minor sports, or a math team to sponsor. We really want to give every child a chance at something amazing. See here for details.

How long has the foundation been running?

The foundation was registered and fully operation in October of 2019. But took over some of the foundation of a previous organization, so you can say it started with a Jump Start.

Is Step Up 4 Kidz a registered charity

The best information is on our BBB page. They very nicely attached a few amazing things in the information section. You can click the BBB link above.

We are a registered non profit organization that is licensed as a Charitable Organization. It currently takes 18-36 Months for the Canadian Revenue Agency to approve charitable tax status for organizations like ours. For this reason we can not offer any type of tax benefits to any type of donations YET. We are working very hard to get everything in order to ensure we build a successful long term organization that will help thousands of Canadian Families. We need your help! WE WILL GET THERE!

What types of extra curricular activites does step up support?

The short answer is ALL OF THEM. As long as they are licensed and registered we will work with them. We are happy to help in all areas.

Common industries include:

Hockey, Soccer, Ringette and many other sports.

Math tutors, Chess teams and any other academic team or registration.

Music, piano lessons, guitar and any other music organization.

We don’t want to leave anyone out. If it is extra-curricular we will do our best to help.

Is there an application fee for subsidy?

Absolutely not. We are trying to help, not hurt the very families that need help in the first place.

Where can I find Step Ups registration?

Go to


Go to the bottom of the page where there is a grey button that says download. This will download the provincial Non-Profit registration list of organizations. We are a Public Non Profit Organization.

Why is there some negative threads online about step up?

Unfortunately its not easy to grow an organization from the bottom up. Two things we would like to mention:

  1. We had to let a couple young girls go for stealing from us, who then went online and created a ton of fake accounts and lied about our practices and what we do, in order to harm us. It has been frustrating, but we have dealt with it properly. The authorities have helped a ton and we appreciate it. We are registered and operate properly.  🙂
  2. Because we are the “New Kids On The Block” the public has a hard time sometimes getting over the initial skepticism. We understand it’s hard to see inside the organization, but we can assure everyone that we are operating the best we possibly can, all financials will be public of course and we are in this for the long haul to make a major difference for families around the country.

Do we have a physical office?

Yes we do. The address has been updated online and on our BBB page.

Please contact us for any specific inquiries. We are happy to answer any questions you may have!