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Technology Support Application Form


Second Parent (If applicable)

If no second parent please leave this section blank

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Child Information

Please only apply for one child as we are only able to provide one laptop per household at this time.
Please enter the name of the school your child attends.
What grade is the child in?
Please be as detailed as possible on what you are using for school work (this could be a laptop, tablet, write and take pictures, etc.. ) And WHY you feel your family could benefit from having a device from Step Up
Please take a moment with your child(ren) and have them type a paragraph on how they think a laptop will help them learn.

Student Verification

Please attach a copy of students most recent report card to verify students school and grade
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Most recent copy of report card (last year or semester is fine)

Income verification

Please attach a copy of one or two of the 6 documents. The more information you can give us, the quicker the process will be. NOTE : INCOME VERIFICATION FOR **BOTH PARENTS** IN HOUSEHOLD NEEDED YOU WILL BE AUTO REJECTED WITHOUT THE CORRECT DOCUMENTS
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