Device Pick Up Waiver


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You have been approved for a free device to help your family continue their education during these challenging times!  Here at Step Up 4 Kids Foundation, we are very blessed to be able to assist families like yours during this time. We ask that you use this for the main purpose of continued educational learning.  We are confident that this will make schoolwork easier for all the families we are currently assisting. 


By signing this, I agree that;

This device was approved for Educational Purposes.

Will not be resold for any profit, financial gain, or any other reason for at least 12 months.

If the device is no longer needed over the next 12 months, it be returned to the organization for further use.

I agree with names and media being used in further campaigns on our websites and social media platforms.

I have a 1 Year warranty with the organization that the Step Up 4 Kids Foundation purchased this device from.



Device Serial Number:


We request all recipients to provide us with a thank you letter, and a photograph of your new device being used for education!  Testimonials and reviews are incredibly helpful for us to be able to grow and get more families the help they need.  Please send it to

Heart felt reviews make the biggest difference and we appreciate your help in advance!

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